About Us

SynLok Adhesives began producing our top of the line quality Turf Claw products as a solution to all the many seam issues the Synthetic Turf Industry had been experiencing. Having our own installation team helped us learn the root cause of seam problems and how to provide solutions for an expanding industry. We've grown our product line to include a solution for any type of project in this high performance and demanding trade.

Our adhesive products and systems are designed for: 

  • Educating installers of all levels.

  • Labor savings.

  • Increasing speed of installations.

  • Guaranteed confidence for the highest quality projects.

We have carefully placed our position to partner with companies that believe in doing it right the first time.  Thank you to all of our network for challenging us to perform at a high level from the very beginning.  If you are new to the industry, thank you for considering SynLok as your adhesive partner.